Once you have your FRSA Credit Union FREE Checking Account, you are eligible to apply for a VISA® Debit Card. Use your VISA® Debit Card wherever VISA® is accepted and the purchase is deducted directly from your Checking Account.


  • Access to your Savings and Checking accounts from an ATM
  • Surcharge-free withdrawals at nearly 30,000 Presto!and CO-OP NetworkATMs
  • Smart-chip technology for added security
  • Real-time fraud monitoring to alert you to unusual activity 24/7, 365 days a year

Traveling Abroad?

  • Before you travel, inform the Credit Union to make sure your purchases will be approved.
  • Be aware that VISA®does charge a VISA®International Foreign Currency Conversion Service Fee for processing international transactions.
  • Memorize your VISA®card PIN to obtain cash easily.
  • Keep your VISA®card number and the lost/stolen customer service contact number in a safe place.
  • If any problems arise pertaining to your VISA®card, contact the Credit Union. You may also contact VISA®Global Customer Care Services (locate the toll-free number appropriate for the country in which you are traveling).

Call us for more details.